Working towards worlds: training log

I train four times a week, usually. In this last month before I compete, it’s most about peaking: strength, technique, and confidence. Sometimes, I have to juggle a little. But, we’ve planned for that.

I went to train on Tuesday, to do a planned session of heavy bench doubles…but, found myself entirely alone in the gym. There was no one to badger to spot for me, and no one who could help me with the strap. And, with no useable safeties on the bench at my height, my planned training was not an option. Working over 90% like that’s not the smartest, and it was meant to be a work-to-failure session. So I swapped out this session for a non bench session of weighted dips, inverted rows, pull ups, and push ups.

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[three videos: dips, rows, and push ups]

At the moment, I have two “formal” bench sessions a week, and two other sessions that I can do solo. Partly for just this sort of situation, and partly so I can let rip a little and keep the confidence without fretting about my technique.

I kind of love doing weighted dips again. I missed them when they were gone. The first video shows the last set from a five-by-five with a load of 25kg (so, my bodyweight plus 50%). I can’t hang a dip belt off my hips, so I load up the backpack.

My pull ups are way too struggle-ugly to share right now–particularly when I am doing them on a bar that rotates a little as I move.

The second video has ring rows. These rows were a bit of a balancing act: I loaded up the pack, but on my back, it hit the floor, on my front, it was jammed up under my neck. So I tried it with a plate on my middle. A little wobbly, and a little awkward to pull as high as I wanted as I kept catching it with my arms, but, not bad for a first time around with this.

The tricep push ups were pretty light (+14kg) but I was knackered by then–long day at work, and then the end of the session.

But it was a fun session. And hey, you get to listen to one my very favourite Jazz Butcher songs with that dip video, too. Here’s the full version of Southern Mark Smith:

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